Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Moving Forward

I wanted to simply post a quick update, celebrating the fact that we officially began the next stage in the adoption process last night - attending our first night of parent training.  Initially I know Mr. Medic was a tad skeptical of what exactly eight weeks of parent training would entail, but both of us walked away from night one with tons of new information about how the foster and adoption process works, and the various terms associated with it.

We've chosen to work with Pathways Youth and Family Services, and in spite of it being nearly a full year since we attended our informational meeting and met them, they still remembered us.  A year ago they had tried to convince us to consider a sibling pair, rather than one child, and although we deeply considered it, and never fully closed the door on that "option," we had settled on adopting only one child.  However, walking out of our first class, Mr. Medic and I were both sold on welcoming two more children into our family.  So, we are now happily pursuing our liscensing with an end goal of becoming a family of five (plus the two dogs, haha)!

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