Friday, April 6, 2012

Resolution Check-Up Again!

How are you doing on your New Year's Resolution, if you had one, or any other changes you are pursuing in your life?

As for my resolve to invest in myself:

I have mostly continued to dress with pride.  I do my hair usually four to five times a week, and generally only wear sweats/yoga pants once a week or when I'm feeling under the weather.  Well, exception. I've been in lounge clothes a lot this week because there's been a lot of cleaning going on, and I see no need to scrub in my nice jeans! Still, huge improvement from last year.

I am also continuing to focus on my eating habits.  I'm continuing to make sure I eat more "real foods" and most recently I've been also paying more attention to my body's signals concerning when I'm full, with encouraging success.  I still eat sweets, but they are not a regular part of my diet, and are almost exclusively homemade (making them part of the "real foods" approach).

I have not been walking lately.  I am pursuing getting back to that.  This was supposed to be the first week of returning to my weekly walks, but with a painful (glass shard) splinter in my foot that won't come out, I'm unsure if I'll be up to it.  I'm desperately trying the baking soda method I read about and hoping it works.  Then I'll be on for my walk again!  I also purchased some workout videos for home, and am trying to figure out when they will best fit our "new normal" around here, hopefully 6 days a week.  I guess I get a slap in the wrist on this one :(

Engaging my brain was a goal I set to be pursuing further into the year, but I am occasionally working on that even now.  I recently read (and enjoyed) The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  It's the first book I've read on my iPhone, through iBooks, and although I think I will always prefer print, the convenience was awesome and I expect to read more in this manner.  I have been doing a better job writing here than I expected at this point as well.  Maybe not quality yet, but in quantity.  And there's no way to improve without practice!  I also have been putting more thought into the two books I'd like to eventually write, having already decided which to pursue first.  Hopefully within the next few months I will start writing out notes.

As for my menu planning goal:

March was harsh on my menu plan.  I could not have expected how things were going to go, and the menu was definitely not followed.  Not followed well, that is.  I did make many of the items, and we did eat out much less than in the past, so it was still an improvement.  I made all of April's menu at the end of March, and bought the groceries, and am looking forward to following it a little better.

Overall, I would say I am doing well, in spite of my missed walks and workout videos sitting in cases.  I'm still seeing weight loss, albeit slow, and hopefully working on that particular part of my resolution will help that pace pick up.  I'm not feeling deprived or extended in my efforts for self-improvement, and that alone makes me feel excited about what should be lifelong improvements.

How about you; how are you progressing in achieving the goals you've set for yourself?  How are you feeling about the process?

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